Donzi 43 ZR
Donzi 43 ZR

Donzi 43 ZR

The flagship of Donzi‘s high performance fleet, the 43 ZR was designed for those with an affinity for superlatives. Smoothest. Fastest. Best handling. Most stylish. Take your pick. With a Donzi 43 ZR, you’ll never go unnoticed.

The 43 ZR is built on a true 43-foot platform: Compared to other boats in its class, it offers more length and wave-spanning capability, a wider beam for increased stability, and its extra heft assures a silky smooth ride. Like Donzi’s other ZR models, the 43 ZR utilizes the same running surface properties as Donzi’s proven 38 ZR Competition race boats. Expect the same balance, handling, and all-out speed as Donzi’s world champions.


The Donzi 43 ZR‘s exterior styling has been designed to belie its substantial stature. A dynamic feature line begins at the bow and flows aft in a lithe, sweeping stroke. A low profile windscreen is nestled in a subtle fairing to provide function without detractingfrom the 43 ZR’s fluid profile. The ZR’s curvaceous stern swells almost imperceptibly to conceal power of your choosing. Whether rigged with staggered twins or triples, the athletic 43 ZR was born to run – and looks the part.

Donzi 43 ZR


The 43 ZR’s cockpit was designed to provide both comfort and convenience whether at the dock or underway. Meticulously sculpted and bolstered eating surfaces have been designed around driver and passengers for maximum comfort. There are concealed grab handles for all passengers. Foredeck access is a breeze, thanks to large molded-in steps in the port helm. There is plenty of cockpit storage, including a port glove box, insulated in-dash self-draining cooler, aft seat storage compartment, and recessed pockets in the coamings with deep storage wells.

In the cabin, there’s a lightweight galley module featuring a freshwater sink and compact refrigerator. An enclosed head compartment offers a freshwater sink with shower, as well as a porta-potti or optional vacuum-flush head. The main cabin salon consists of two facing love seats that create an inviting conversation area, and a full-length v-berth forward. Two flush deck hatches combine with direct and indirect lighting to create a light and airy feeling in the 43 ZR’s cabin.

The 43 ZR’s sports-car helm features driver-oriented controls, smartly arranged and placed within easy reach. The focal point of the cockpit is the dramatic instrument cluster situated around a color GPS Navigation system. Tachometers and GPS/ Speedometer sit directly above in automotive-style pods, allowing for easy monitoring of all onboard systems, even at high speeds in offshore conditions. This driver-friendly design carries forth to include the ideal placement of throttles, trim switches, steering wheel and armrest to make the thought process of managing the 43 ZR’s systems secondary to the actual thrill of driving it.

The 43 ZR is constructed with lightweight hybrid laminate with vacuum-infused coring for extra strength and the ideal resin-to-glass ratio. glassed and chemically bonded hull-to-deck joint assures that there will be no flexing while underway. From stem to stern and everywhere in between, great pains were taken to assure that the 43 ZR will retain its offshore superiority for years to come.


LOA 42′ 10″ (13.06m)
Beam 8′ 10″ (2.69m)
Draft, Down 38″ (0.97m)
Up 30″ (0.76m)
Deadrise Variable
Fuel 314 gal (1188.62L)
Weight * 15,030 lbs (6817kg)
Max HP 2,700 (2013kw)
Fresh Water 10 gal (37.85L)
Headroom 60″ (1.52m)
* Includes boat, motor (heaviest offered), full fuel, full water and all available options.


Description HP
Twin Staggered 525 EFI ITS Bravo 1 XR * 525 ea
Twin Staggered 565 EFI DTS ITS Bravo 1 XR ** 565 ea
Twin Staggered 700 SCI Dry Sump #6 * 700 ea
Triple 565 EFI ITS Bravo 1 XR * 565 ea
Twin Staggered 1100 Dry Sump #6 ** 1100 ea
Twin Staggered 1350 Dry Sump M8 ** 1350 ea
Triple 525 EFI ITS Bravo 1 XR * 525 ea
Triple 700 SCI Dry Sump #6 – Reverse Triple Set Up * 700 ea
* Exhaust – Underwater
** Exhaust – Thru-Transom


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